John Kudlacz Photography | About
John Kudlacz was born in 1957 in the beautiful city of Zakopane. Growing up, John was surrounded by the Tatra Mountains, which is a mountain range that forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. The Tatra Mountain's scenic beauty has long been a source of inspiration for many of Poland's finest artists, painters, photographers and writers. John's early years were largely influenced by the regional art school as well as the multitude of art festivals and concerts inspired by the beauty of the Tatra Mountains and this wondrous region. John's love of the mountains and their natural surroundings, flourished as did his appreciation of art, culture and nature. The photographs featured on this website are a direct reflection of John's inspired life and love of nature in all its splendid beauty.

John currently lives in California with his lovely wife, his son and daughter and grandchildren. He spends his time between his business, his loving family and his passion for taking unusual photos inspired by nature. Over the years, John has insired his wife's love of photography and nature and travels with her frequently