Hi John, I have looked in the past at your site and each time, I am so amazed how awesome you and your work are. I feel like I am there with you. You just as awesome of a job with photography as you have done the last 20 years on all the cars I have brought to you. I am so proud to know you and see the work that you do while working with the pictures you take. Continue the awesome work.
Kathy Durrett(non-registered)
Loved looking at your do some pretty impressive things...keep up the good work
Candy Hoskins(non-registered)
Your pictures are beautiful ! what a wonderful way to find peace and tranquility among the works
of photography.
Thanks for sharing your card when my son and I came in about our car ! See ya soon !
Carlos Gonçalves aka Ourigo(non-registered)
I just saw your amazing photostream and want congratulate you. I loved every photo and your technique.
You paint with light like a painter paints with his paints.
Antoni Klimczyk - Krakow - Polska(non-registered)
Janusz ! pobudzasz wrazliwosc, koisz pieknem i wyczuciem w kompozycji obrazu.
Twoje zdjecia sa jak kompres na rozpalone glowy - gratulacje.
Pozdrowienia dla Ciebie i asystenta.
Barbara Montgomery(non-registered)
Your pictures are breathtaking, such extraordinary detail. You have captured the best of nature and the California/Nevada landscape.
Katherine Kudlacz(non-registered)
Hi Dad,
Your pictures are great! I have never seen anything more beautiful. You have an amazing talent.
Paul Strusinski(non-registered)
Wow, I'm impressed John. You sure you didn't copy these off someone else's website? How long did you have to wait for the light to get just right for some of those shots? I'm impressed.
Tatiana Lopatina's Fine Arts
Your photography is beautiful.
I really enjoyed watching your Art Work !
Elzbieta Sieka(non-registered)
Wspaniale zdjecia a zwlaszcza kolorystyka. Tak trzymaj bo to piekne hobby.
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